Living Alone with Bipolar

Having bipolar and living alone can be challenging.

With the exception of my dog and 2 horses, this is the first time I have lived alone. Divorce changes your living status like that.

Yet, for me this transition has been positive. Also, I have lived with my bipolar for over 20 years. The advantage is that I know my body signs of ‘healthy’ vs. ‘not so’. Fortunately regulating myself is quite easy.

But I wonder about those who live alone with their bipolar. Those that have no one to help regulate their awareness and lend a hand for doctor trips and medication refills and to help monitor outward signs of conduct unbecoming. If someone is new to the world of [their] bipolar it can take years to stabilize and know your body talk.

If living alone, do get help. Join support groups. Read books, literature, and the Internet. Mostly, be on board with your local caregivers.

Remember this: If you have bipolar YOU alone are responsible for your well being. Be accountable for your life and choices you make. With the right resources, bipolar is doable, and can improve the quality of your life. Why? Because of its endowments such as > creativity, intelligence, imaginative contributions, plus many more.